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    Snorkeling Info
    Discover the world beneath the waves !
    Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone who has access to the ocean, a lake, river, pond or quarry. Snorkeling as an activity frequently lives in the shadows of scuba diving - another excellent pastime, but one that requires significantly more instruction, time and money. Most people who have snorkeled have done so only on group charters while on vacation, but snorkeling is an activity that can be done almost anytime, anywhere.[Click here]
  • Buddy Dive
    Buddy Dive
    Eat, Sleep, (Buddy) Dive! !
    Buddy Dive Resort , The Buddy Dive Live Aboard Yachts, Buddy Dive Academy.For More Info - [Click Here]
  • Tv Scuba Network
    Scuba Tv From Around The World !
    Check us out ! For More Info - [Click Here]
  • Dive Vacations - Hotal & Dive Packages
    Dive Vacations !
    Welcome to Dive Vacations By Occidental, and welcome to one of the world's largest all-inclusive hotel chains. As you glance through this web site, we would like to introduce you to our resorts, scattered throughout the idyllic tropical destinations of the Caribbean (Aruba, Dominican Republic), Costa Rica and Mexico.! For More Info - [Click Here]


    Scuba Babes.Com
    Produce All Women Scuba Action Movies / Worlds largest Women Divers Gallery  !
    Check us out !...For more Info - [Click Here]

    Welcome to Douglas Carty Diving & Excursions & Dive Packages
    Dougas Carty !
    Experience a different wilderness! Explore the beautiful waters of the Island of Anguilla. We offer diving and other adventures . - For More Info - [Click Here]


  • NIZUC Resorts & Spa
    Dive Vacations !
    The vision of the Mexico City-based Las Brisas Hotel Collection, NIZUC is the flagship property of the brand's elite luxury resort line - NIZUC Resorts & Spa. Las Brisas owns and manages Mexico's most sought after properties.The NIZUC Resorts & Spa brand complements the portfolio that this leading hotel group has built for the national and international markets by utilizing their experience to embody everything that their name is synonymous with; intimacy, luxury and discretion expressed within the context of modern Mexican hospitality.! [Click Here]

    Dive tours
    Diving Holidays And Tour  !
    Welcome to Dive Vacations By Occidental, and welcome to one of the world's largest all-inclusive hotel chains. As you glance through this web site, we would like to introduce you to our resorts, scattered throughout the idyllic tropical destinations of the Caribbean (Aruba, Dominican Republic), Costa Rica and Mexico.! [Click Here]


  • Honeymoon Packages
    All Inclusive Honeymoon Vacation Packages and All Inclusive Wedding Packages !
    Honeymoons, Inc. specializes in all inclusive honeymoon packages and all inclusive wedding packages in the Caribbean and Mexico. Luxury adults only all inclusive resorts have also become our niche, because they are so perfect for Caribbean honeymoons and Caribbean weddings. If you are looking for a Jamaica honeymoon, Cancun honeymoon, St Lucia honeymoon, Punta Cana honeymoon, Cabo honeymoon or an all inclusive honeymoon anywhere in the Caribbean, Mexico or Costa Rica, this site is for you.! [Click Here]

    Club La Vela
    Largest Night club in the USA !
    Let your hair down and go wild! The Rock Arena is Club La Vela's multi-level live music room and features some of America's hottest touring bands, non-stop, on 2 stages, back to back, all night long. This is one party that is off the hook and out of control! This room is always packed! With a distinctly different feel than any other room in the club it's the place to go if Top 40 and EDM just aren't your thing . [Click Here]
    Welcome to Miss Scuba, the online dive travel resource not just for women!
    Miss Scuba was designed to bring women together from all over the world who share enthusiasm about diving, travel and adventure. Miss Scuba is more than a group of women that travel the world together to explore the most exotic places and best dive sites. Miss Scuba is more than a fantastic resource where women share incredible adventures and helpful tips about travel, hot new products and exciting destinations. What Miss Scuba is, is a culture of its own; an expression of free will, untamed souls, a rebellion against mediocrity and the yearning for finding adventure. We are Miss Scuba. [Click Here]
    Sexy, Eco, High Performance Women’s Wetsuits.
    Check Us Out! - [Click Here]
    What is it ? 
    25-50 yachts, 200-500 people sailing together for a week at one of our event destinations!
    Where is it ?
    Summer - Croatia, Greece and Italy. Winter/Spring - British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. For more Info - [Click Here]
    Diving with our new friends and laughing is the best! Hugs & Happy Diving!
    For More Info - [Click Here]
    Boasting the World’s best DJs, unparalleled production, and location in the beautiful city of Miami, ULTRA Music Festival is the premier two-weekend electronic
    For More Info and Tickets - [Click Here]
    What started as a group of 125 friends going on a cruise in 2004 has erupted in to the world’s largest fully charted dance music cruise experience.
    Join the world’s best dance music artists on massive amenity jammed cruise ships as we sail to exotic destinations.Enthusiasts come from all over the world for the music and to escape reality, and they return to reconnect with the amazing friends they have met from previous years. [Click Here]
    ScubaFit® Diver Certification
    The ScubaFit® Diver Course offers new opportunities for divers, dive instructors and fitness professionals alike to improve health, performance and safety and increase diving participation. Divers who are fit are much more likely to enjoy their diving experience and to dive more often.! For More Info - [Click Here]
    Become a scuba diver, Find a dive shop or dive resort, Learn to scuba dive with PADI
    Whether you want to try scuba diving, become a PADI Master Scuba Diver or Go Pro, let the PADI scuba diving experts guide you to your goal. For More Info - [Click Here]
    Dive Butler International
    Whether you wish to learn how to dive, organize the dive trip of a lifetime, have a private dive buddy, dive master or seek dive business management and consultant expertise.

    Dive Butler International are pioneers in the field of true luxury ‘Rendezvous’ diving, being the first of its kind to provide ‘Rendezvous’ luxury scuba diving instructors, private personal scuba guides, diving  itinerary services, dive management and consulting services across the world to super yachts, charter companies, luxury 5 Star resorts, VIP individuals and the luxury scuba diving market.- [Click Here]