Subseries Hair And Skin Care Products

  • Sub Series Phase 1 Protectant

    This revolutionary product actually protects and conditions hair while submerged utilizing the latest break through in hair science. An advanced micropolymer delivery system creates a waterproof barrier on the hair cuticle protecting it from salt, chlorine, and environmental impurities. This alcohol free formula contains natural conditioners and sunscreens, providing lightweight protection on every hair type. For added thermal protection reapply protectant after resurfacing, it is an excellent after dive conditioner and sunscreen. Solar activated sun reflectors repel damaging rays while leaving your hair looking revived and healthy while eliminating fly-aways and dryness.


    Application: This protectant should be applied 5 minutes before submersion. Hold bottle 3-4 inches away from hair. Spray on evenly making sure to cover the entire head.

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  • Sub Series Phase II - Clarifying Shampoo
    PHASE II SUBSERIES: The Cleansing Clarifying shampoo gently removes salt, chlorine and environmental impurities. Formulated with the unique combination of moisture balancing conditioners and natural marine extracts to cleanse and protect throughout the day. Added peppermint oil extract promotes scalp circulation leaving you refreshed. 240ml/8oz ,Application: Pour a small amount of clarifying shampoo into palm of your hand, then massage the product into wet hair and scalp. Rinse from hair to be followed by the reconstructing conditioner.Buy Here !
  • Sub Series Phase III - Reconstructor
    PHASE III SUBSERIES: The Reconstructor. Our hair reconstructor is a high performance conditioning treatment specifically designed to restore, and reconstruct a divers hair after submersion. Natural marine extracts, including sea algae and numerous vitamins, actively fuse proteins and nutrients into each strand of hair. This active formula also rebuilds, revives and restores lost moisture. Recommended and designed by professional cosmetologists for divers and other water enthusiast. 240 ml 8oz ,Application: After shampooing with the clarifying shampoo, apply the reconstructor the same way. Use an amount according to your discretion. For deep conditioning, leave reconstructor on for five minutes or more. Buy Here !


    Enjoy a new shower and bath experience after diving with this Aromatherapy bath and shower gel inspiring the mind and body with pure essential oils.This shower gel offers coconuts fine lather and long lasting foam,and can be used as a shower gel,or bubble bath. It balances the oil production of the skin benefiting both dry as well as oily skin leaving it naturally beautiful.Featured highlightst. -

    .Scented and enhanced with an exclusive blend of pure therapeutic –grade essential oils of rosemary,peppermint,and spearmint that offers a fresh and revitalizing aromatherapy experience.

    .Good for all skin types,normalizing both dry and oily skin.

    . Pure bliss in every bottle
    .Carefully crafted using over 30 years of essential oil experience by world renowned master blender Ralf Moller.
    . 100% pure plant based ingredients, exceeds EU Cosmetic Directive guidelines ,cruelty free
    .No petroleum products, parabens ,synthetic fragrances,or artificial colors. Buy Here !

    Designed for diver and world record holder Allen Sherrods record setting
    Dive 5 days over 120 hours under water .This rich, nutrient packed soothing
    butter cream has is all. Green tea brings a large dose of antioxidants directly to the skin, shea and mango butters pair with jojoba and evening primrose oil to soothe and smooth your skin. This is an amazing butter cream designed exclusively for water-exposed skin utterly amazing! Buy Here !
    We are equally as concerned about our planets reef system as we are with providing.You optimum skincare and environmentally friendly products.Subtropica spf 30 water resistant sunblock is 100% natural ,no chemicals broad spectrum sunblock infused with green tea a powerful antioxidant that works wonders on the skin,many dive locations as well as resorts are now requiring the use of biodegradable sunscreen . Subtropica spf 30 biodegradable sunscreen is considered the DIVERS SUNBLOCK ! Buy Here !
  • DVMR

    It is with great pleasure that we introduce DIVEMASTER4MEN a complete comprehensive professional mens range formulated 4 men and divers who go
    BELOW ,ABOVE ,AND BEYOND……. Buy Here !


    The SUBMERGE 300M SUBSERUM was deigned for sensitivesun-damaged, combination and normal skin types. It is packed with vitamins, soothing extracts gentle oils to ensure the deepest possible penetration of concentrated ingredients to your skin. Buy Here !